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Market Overview

For many airlines the leisure travel market remains an important and growing industry sector; whether it be from inclusive tour, seat only (including consolidation and VFR), or cruise.

However, the competitive nature of the marketplace and resulting low margins, the regulatory requirements and credit risks associated with the sector, and the relatively high operating and distribution costs means the majority of airlines focus their efforts on a small number of large companies who create bookings via their GDS.

The small to medium sized specialist companies outside of this group have no direct relationship with the airline and are forced to sell other airlines to their customers, or can elect to obtain the airlines product via a potential competitor.

Proving a success since its launch, the Leisure Travel Zone is already providing booking and ticketing services on behalf of over 25 of the world’s leading airlines.

The introduction of the Zone enables airlines to widen their distribution strategy, grow revenue, reduce operating and distribution costs, and mitigate credit risks.

The Zone allows airlines to; set up and control a leisure travel product tailored to the needs of small to medium sized trade customers, automate the registration process and specify how verification should operate. In addition it offers an online booking and ticketing service, management of credit limits and payment methods and functionality that ensures all bookings adhere to the terms and conditions applied.

Trade customers are able to access the Leisure Travel Zone at their convenience, and have full control over bookings from availability and pricing through to ticketing, and can elect to create bookings in their own GDS if the airline permits.

  • The airline has full control over the trade customer registration and verification process, and the fulfilment process.
  • Ability to set up and tailor products for small to medium sized trade customers.
  • Enables trade customers to self service via the systems online quotation, booking, amendment, payment, naming, APIS, seating and ticketing functionalities.
  • Low fare and best availability indicators direct trade customers towards flights with the most leisure inventory.
  • Provides multi-currency and multi-language capability.
  • System tabs/queues enable the user to manage the work flow and actions associated with the booking, such as ticketing deadlines.
  • Handles multiple terms and conditions and differentiates services and pricing by customer type.
  • Opt-out function for booking in trade customers GDS.
  • Can be integrated with the airlines own PSS or via NDC.
  • Can be utilised to merchandise the airlines own NDC content.
  • Can be white labelled to reflect the airlines brand and identity.
  • MIS reporting capability.
  • Low capital expenditure and a user pay transactional model ensures a rapid return on investment.
  • Builds trade customer loyalty by offering state-of-the-art leisure booking and management services.
  • Optimises use of available inventory and network capacity.
  • Lowers operating and distribution costs through effective use of automation.
  • Provides a high degree of self-service and control, available 24 hours a day.
  • Intuitive user interfaces, logical flows and system generated reminders reduce complexity and eliminate the risk of cancelled space and/or financial penalties.
  • Provides small to medium sized trade customers with direct access to the airlines leisure product enabling them to compete, win sales and grow their business.
Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
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