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Market Overview

Many airlines continue to see revenues and Group bookings grow year-on-year; whether it be from organised tours, single group movements for a specific event or purpose, or groups travelling together on holiday.

However, managing Groups can be complex, with few resembling the original booking when they reach their departure date. Typically, Groups will change in size, split to accommodate itinerary changes and/or service requests, and will include multiple payments for deposits, balances and administration fees. Applying customer or market specific terms & conditions, processing names and passenger information, seating blocks, and ticketing add further challenges to an already complex picture, which many airlines are handling via unconnected legacy systems and manual processes.

What if you could establish a platform to enable growth, automate your Groups bookings from registration and availability through to ticketing and remittance, whilst also increasing revenue and reducing distribution costs?

Let us introduce you to the next generation in group booking management.


Already in use by some of the world’s leading airlines, Calrom’s Groups Next Gen (GNG) has proven to increase group sales, maximise revenue opportunities and network availability, improve user experience and customer service levels, meanwhile reducing operating and distribution costs.

GNG allows airlines to automate and control the entire group booking and management process from end-to-end. Airlines are able to automate the registration process and specify how verification should operate. They can also offer real-time availability, pricing, and booking capability, provide customers with self-servicing tools, and ticketing options via the system or in the customer’s own GDS. In addition, airlines can manage and apply market and/or customer specific terms and conditions. GNG can be integrated to the airline’s PSS and Revenue Management system for Groups pricing, or the airline can elect to use GNG's integral fares engine.

GNG is a true end-to-end group management platform. The system’s design is based on multi-tier architecture, is fully scalable, and includes the following:

  • An airline administration portal which allows the airline’s Groups departments to carry out all trade facing website functions, validate registrations, control system access, and organise the workflow process.
  • A customer facing website enabling customers to register, search for flight availability, obtain quotations, make bookings, self-service/administer bookings, record/make payments, claim bookings for self-ticketing (opt-out), and issue tickets via the system (opt-in).
  • A flexible SQL database structure stores service and customer related information needed to operate the system. Data stored is used by the application’s services layer, and the reporting service.
  • A number of services including policy, booking, ticketing, watcher, invoicing and accounts, notifications and a schedule change service.
    • The policy service enables the system to manage each Group booking based on the terms & conditions associated with it.
    • The watcher service monitors bookings claimed by customers via the system’s opt-out process, and validates booking data against system data and the applicable terms and conditions on a pre-defined basis.
  • The PSS access layer integrates GNG to the airline’s systems to enable availability, pricing, and booking/PNR management.
  • GNG’s business logic layer provides the integration between the airline administration portal, the customer facing website, the system’s services and databases, and the PSS access layer.
  • A reporting service will enable a Power BI dashboard and provide the airline with information for data warehousing purposes at agreed intervals.

GNG system capabilities include:

  • System access;
    • System login, logout and timeout, change market, forgotten password and username, change password, and agency registration request.
  • Flight availability & pricing;
    • Standard flight request, multiple sector flight request, flight request with multiple origins, out-of-range flight request*, direct customer booking, flight pricing and selection, multiple origin flight pricing & selection, flight routing, availability, and price display. It also offers the option to split groups during flight selection, apply cabin limits, and manage route privileges.
  • Quote management;
    • Make a quote, accept a quote, accept multiple quotes, make deviation quotes, accept deviation quotes, reject quote, contact us about quotes, copy quote, load series booking request*, and load bulk booking requests*.
  • Booking management;
    • Make booking, list bookings, direct a booking search, advanced booking search, display booking and booking passengers, write passengers to PNR, upload passenger details spreadsheet, display booking and booking notes, add booking notes, display booking communications and history, display booking payments and booking EMDs, make a payment, cancel bookings, change booking ownership, claim booking*, manage booking reminders, validate ticketing data, ticket booking, edit key dates, amend terms & conditions, approve booking, waive deposit, commit to deposit, commit to balance, send booking statement, send balance statement, grab PNRs, merge booking, and reconcile bookings.
  • PNR management;
    • Display PNR summary, display PNR costs and notes, add PNR notes, display PNR communications and remarks, display PNR taxes, edit costs, add infants, remove infants, assign seats, increase and decrease group sizes, cancel PNRs, amend flights, split group, approve PNR, update PNR status, reconcile PNR, write passengers to a PNR, add PNR remark, ticket PNRs, and manage schedule changes.
  • Announcements;
    • Display announcements, and manage announcements.
  • Agency & user management;
    • List and edit agencies, amend agency payment options, amend agency further information, list users, edit user account, add user account, change booking ownership, and disable user accounts.
  • Payment processing;
    • Credit-card payments*, bank transfer payments, EMD payment, and the ability to manage payments.
  • Robotics;
    • Offline ticketing, schedule changes, retrieve passenger names, monitor cancellations, read ticket information, manage out-of-range bookings, and Cancel non-committed bookings.

* Provided within the GNG Enterprise

  • Integrates to the airline’s PSS and Revenue Management pricing system for Groups pricing, or the airline can use GNG's fares engine for weighted average pricing.
  • The airline’s Groups and Revenue Management department has full control over the Groups process including registration and system access, all terms & conditions, and the fulfilment process.
  • Workflow enables effective management of key tasks, and optimises use of available inventory and network capacity.
  • Includes PNR grab, reconciliation, and full group booking audit functions and tools.
  • Provides multi-currency, multi-language, and customer or market specific terms & conditions to enable global implementation.
  • Sophisticated reporting capability to include provision of Power BI dashboard and data for data warehousing purposes.
  • Provided on a software as a service (SaaS) basis to include GNG system, hosting and IT infrastructure.
  • Transaction based model negates the need for capital expenditure and ensures a rapid return on investment.
  • Allows airlines to grow their Groups sales and realise compliance revenue, whilst also reducing operating and distribution costs.
  • User interfaces branded to reflect the airline’s branding guidelines.
  • Improve travel agents’ service levels and the user experience.
  • Provides a high degree of self-service and control, available 24 hours a day.
  • Enables self-service in real-time via the system’s online quotation, booking, amendment, payment, naming, APIS, seating and ticketing functionalities.
  • Provides low fare and best availability indicators to direct travel agents towards flights with the most group inventory.
  • Group space capacity display and split group function enables travel agents to split groups across multiple flights in order to win the booking.
  • Opt-out functionality enables ticketing in travel agent’s own GDS.
  • Intuitive user interfaces, logical flows and system generated reminders reduce complexity and eliminate the risk of cancelled space and/or financial penalties.
Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
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