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Our dedicated team of experienced technologists and travel professionals are leaders in their respective fields.

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Calrom was established in 2007 and its head office is in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK. Following on from expansion, Calrom has opened up training, development and support offices in Manchester, Madrid and Sydney, and employs over 60 staff worldwide.

Calrom has a proven record of delivering innovative solutions to complex business challenges within the airline industry. Calrom designs, develops, delivers and supports a range of market specific booking engines. Calrom’s systems enable our partners and customers to realise cost savings, grow sales & revenue, expand service availability, improve customer service, and gain greater control over their customer relationships. All systems are developed in-house to provide customers with maximum agility and to protect the IPR. 

Our sister company, Lime Management was established in 2003 as an exclusive UK Inclusive Tour distribution solution to support British Airways strategically.  As the relationship between Lime Management and British Airways evolved, the need for new, cost effective systems to deliver market specific services grew. Calrom was established to create and develop these solutions, and continues to develop and support all of Lime Management’s systems. 

In 2009 Aviate Management, the third company in the group, was established as a trade only flight sales specialist offering nett leisure fares on behalf of a range of airlines. Following the success of its Inclusive Tour service Aviate Management launched Aviate Groups, Aviate Cruise and Aviate Ticketing Services. Aviate currently has relationships with more than 30 of the world’s leading airlines, and as with Lime Management, Calrom develops and supports all of Aviate Management’s systems.

September 2003 - Lime established to sell UK Inclusive Tour fares on behalf of British Airways

November 2003 - Group fares are added to Lime’s portfolio

June 2005 - Lime launches UK Seat Only and Published Fare business streams

September 2006 - UK Cargo service is launched

April 2007 - Calrom is established

November 2007 - Calrom launches first system, Leisure Travel Zone, for Lime’s UK Inclusive Tour fares service

February 2008 - Lime expands into North America and Calrom launches three Interline Travel Zone services (ID50, AD75/50 and Travel-Card)

November 2008 - The Staff Travel Zone system launches to enable British Airways employees to book ZED fares on other carriers

February 2009 - The Staff Travel Zone system is extended to enable employees of other carriers to book on
British Airways’ flight services

April 2010 - Calrom launches its first Leisure Travel Zone service for Aviate

October 2010 - Calrom launches Groups Next Gen for the North American market, and Aviate’s Leisure Travel Zone system is extended to include Emirates

August 2012 - Calrom extends the Groups Next Gen system to include Iberia for the North American market

August 2014 - The Groups Next Gen system is launched for Qantas in Australia

December 2014 - Consumer Groups North America is launched for Lime

May 2015 - Calrom extends the Groups Next Gen system to include New Zealand for Qantas

July 2017 - Calrom announce a Pakistan development centre, launching August 2017 

As an aspirational and growing company, we believe our fast paced environment is challenging in a way that pushes us to achieve our very best. Our systems are used by some of the world’s biggest airlines, which is a testament to our passion for creating quality and innovative software solutions. 

To ensure we deliver the most creative solutions to our customers, we work with some of the latest technology methods and our lean business structure allows for direct involvement with our systems.

Our culture inspires innovation, creativity, educational and career advancement, and trust.

As a Microsoft Partner, our core technology stack uses the Microsoft .NET platform, but we supplement this with key open source, and third party frameworks and tools to ensure we are working with the optimum tools and frameworks to support our business needs. 

We utilise the latest technology tools and methods, such as modern JavaScript frameworks, responsive design virtualisation, automated testing, continuous integration, automated deployment, distributed version control, and Agile process management to deliver a highly-decoupled service based architecture. 

We understand the importance of training and keeping our staff up to date on all of our systems, technologies, and processes. 

Calrom will design, develop, deliver and support a range of market specific innovative solutions to complex business challenges within the airline industry to enable our partners and customers to realise cost savings, grow sales and revenue, expand service availability, improve customer service, and gain greater control over their customer relationships. 

As a progressive employer, we believe in investing in the next generation of software developers. Since 2014 we have worked in partnership with Manchester University to offer graduate and post-graduate courses and placements; providing young aspirants with the chance to develop their skills and gain valuable hands-on work experience. 

See our recruitment section for details of our current vacancies.

Outside of the office we enjoy team social events which not only help build colleague relationships but encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

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