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Market Overview

Many airlines continue to see revenues and group bookings grow year on year; whether it be from organised tours, single group movements for a specific event or purpose, or groups travelling together on holiday.

However, managing groups can be complex, with few groups resembling the original booking when they reach their departure date. Typically, groups will change in size, split to accommodate itinerary changes and/or service requests, and will include multiple payments for deposits, balances and admin fees. Applying terms & conditions, processing naming, seating and ticketing add further complexities.

What if you could automate your Groups bookings from registration, availability, ticketing, ancillaries and amendments - whilst tapping into compliance revenue and new markets?

Let us introduce you to the next generation in Group booking management. 

Already in use by some of the world’s leading airlines, Calrom’s Groups Next Gen (GNG) has proven to increase group sales, maximise revenue opportunities and network availability, improve customer service and the user experience, and reduce operating and distribution costs.

GNG allows airlines to automate and manage the entire group booking and management process from end to end. This enables airlines to automate the registration process and specify how verification should operate, import existing bookings in order to realise immediate benefits and simplify the transition, and offer an online booking and ticketing service. In addition, airlines can manage and apply market and/or customer specific terms and conditions, and integrate to their own revenue management pricing system or elect to utilise the platform's integral fares engine for weighted average pricing.

Travel agents are able to access the GNG at their convenience, and have full control over their bookings from availability and pricing through to ticketing via the system or in their own GDS.

  • The airline’s group travel department has full control over the travel agent registration and verification process, all terms and conditions, and the fulfilment process.
  • Enables travel agents to self-service via the system’s online quotation, booking, amendment, payment, naming, APIS, seating and ticketing functionalities.
  • Low fare and best availability indicators direct travel agents towards flights with the most group inventory.
  • Group space capacity display and split group function enables the distribution of seats across multiple flights.
  • Provides multi-currency and multi-language capability.
  • System tabs/queues enable the user to manage the work flow and actions associated with the booking, such as payment deadlines.
  • Handles multiple terms and conditions and differentiates services and pricing by customer type.
  • PNR grab, reconciliation and full group booking audit functions and tools.
  • Opt-out function for ticketing in travel agents GDS.
  • Integrates to the airlines PSS and revenue management pricing system for group pricing, or the airline can elect to use GNG's integral fares engine for weighted average pricing, including combinations of OND pricing and/or sector pricing.
  • Can be white labelled to reflect the airlines brand and identity.
  • MIS reporting capability.
  • Low capital expenditure and a user pay transactional model ensures a rapid return on investment.
  • Builds travel agent loyalty by offering state-of-the-art group booking and management services.
  • Lowers operating and distribution costs through effective use of automation.
  • Optimises use of available inventory and network capacity.
  • Provides a high degree of self-service and control, available 24 hours a day.
  • Intuitive user interfaces, logical flows and system generated reminders reduce complexity and eliminate the risk of cancelled space and/or financial penalties.
  • Improves service levels and the user experience.
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Market Overview system image
Market Overview system image
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